Annoying Memories

by Amalia

I was reading my old post about my experience working in Saudi Arabia and suddenly I remember the conversations that I had with my Saudi clients:

Client: Where are you from?
Me: Indonesia
Client: Really?! I thought you’re a Filipino!
Me: No, Sir. I’m 100% Indonesian.
Client: Wow! How come your English is so good? Where did you learn that from?

(I was asked with this question for so many times. They just couldn’t believe that I was an Indonesian. Damn I was offended!)

Client (on the phone, talking to his boss in Arabic): Yes, I am standing with a young woman now… Filipino, Malaysian, or whatever…  She is handling everything.

Me: zzzzzzzz….

(He really thought I couldn’t understand Arabic! And what’s with the assumptions?!)

Client: Wow, you’re definitely the first Indonesian woman that I encounter working in an office.

Me: (smiling, but wanting to give him a slap to the reality, seriously)

Client: You have done a really great job! I’m satisfied with your work and all your help. We should have a coffee or tea later.

(I knew his intention and this was something that could not be done in Saudi Arabia! I could be arrested by the religious police and accused of khalwa!)

Me: Sorry, sir. I’ve got no time for that.

Client: Are you married?

Me: (extremely annoyed) Sir, I believe in professionalism. Can we put all the private questions to a side, please?!

(I felt like saying: it’s NONE of your business! Hehehe)