by Amalia


These are some of the points that Sheikh Hamza Yusuf said about hijaab:

Nobody can say anybody is going to hell by not wearing a hijab. The hijab is shar’i — there’s no doubt about that. It’s not traditional. It’s part of our deen.

Women that don’t wear hijab, they’re in the state of ma’siyyat. All of us are in the state of ma’siyyat. We don’t do a lot of things that we should be doing (i.e. giving money, etc). The women taking off the hijab is only the symptom of a much bigger disease. If they choose to not wear them, that is their choice.

Muslims should get out of this obsession with women! It’s a sickness in our own hearts.

If the sisters are not wearing the hijab, her husband should be responsible for that. He own family should give her nasihat. Just lower your gaze.

We are living in the society where people walking around naked. And we are worried about somebody not wearing scarf on her head?!

A lot of Muslim men make it a hijab between women and their imaan. Not all of you are acting like sahabah and yet, you want the women to act like sahabiyat.

I challenge any of you to wear a robe and a turban one day out here. Just go and experience what it’s like to be identified as a Muslim. When you wear something that identify you as a Muslim, that itself is putting yourself in their face.

And for women it’s a lot harder. Because they have stereotypes that they are stupid, backward, ignorant — that’s the message that they’ve been given. They get stares and get laugh at.

We should have more compassion for our sisters! The reason why a lot of women are leaving Islam is because we’re chasing them out of Islam! We should have mercy on our sisters, defend them and protect them. Because they’re out there on the front line.

— Sheikh Hamza Yusuf