Project 365

Welcome! This is my own 365 project of creating at least one post per day about the stuff that I learnt, achieved, and found, the stuff that made me happy, or the new thing I did every single day.

The project was started on 21 February 2010. It has stopped for few times but I am determined to continue!

This project is dedicated to myself. I want to feel grateful for every single thing I have. I want to be thankful for my own life. I just want to feel that I have enough.

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Moroccan Dinner

I had a lovely Moroccan farewell dinner with mbak Widi, Cintya, and Farida. We sat at a Moroccan restaurant called Chomicha located in Kruisstraat. The restaurant was quite cozy with a lovely setting. I ordered a 3-course surprise menu. The chef got to choose the meal(s) for me. They were delicious :). The beef tajine was fine. I think Cintya’s kofta tajine was better 😀

Farewell dinner at Chomicha

Farida's starter

I hardly sat in a “real” restaurant here in Eindhoven. I have done it before, only one or two times a year. I decided to do it again since this is my last week in the Netherlands. I just want to treat myself with a really good meal! Alhamdulillah!

Cintya, Farida, and me I got a gift :)

The Best Ifthar

I used to complain about having no girlfriends here in Eindhoven. I’m sure I’ve written about this a lot in my blog. During my first one year, most of my friends were guys. I’m fine with having them as friends, of course. But they’re different than girls, especially in terms of “curhat”. Not a lot of guys are good listeners I have to say :P. I also love to have friends to sleep over at my place so we can talk all night long. We can’t do that with guys, can we? 🙂

I basically felt so lonely, especially when I was so used to having housemates and roommates for years! It was not until the second and third year that I had girlfriends. But there’s always a downside: none of my friends were Muslims or practicing Muslims. I felt extremely lonely during Ramadan because I would usually be the only girl out of all men sitting at the Mosque’s dining hall. I didn’t feel comfortable at all.

Jacky's house

This year’s Ramadan is a bit different, though! I met a number of Dutch converts at the Mosque during the ifthar last week. I never met a convert before so it was a great opportunity for me to ask a lot of questions! (it’s so me, right?! LOL. Always curious about stuff). I met one of them again during the taraweeh prayer yesterday and one of the girls invited me to her house for ifthar! I would NEVER say no to that wonderful offer hahaha. A free ifthar and a chance to know them better — a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?! 😉

There were 2 other Dutch converts invited (so there were three converts in total). Most of them just converted to Islam for only 1-3 years and what’s amazing was that they all wore a hijab! I actually thought that they’ve at least been a Muslim for 5 years, because wearing a hijab (especially in the time of Islamophobia) was a big thing! But it turned out that they were “early” converts. What’s also interesting was that, although two of them were married, they came to Islam because they wanted to, not because of love or any other reasons.

I asked them how their family reacted upon knowing that their daughter was a Muslim. Only one of them had told the family and she said it was very hard for them. She hadn’t tell them about the hijab yet — she would do it one step at a time. Please note that Dutch parents are the most “easy going” parents in the world. As long as their children are happy, they’d accept their children’s decision. I have a number of friends whose husband converted to Islam due to marriage and their parents didn’t object both the marriage and conversion. So I was a bit surprised to know that the family of these girls would not accept their conversion to Islam. They told me that their parents were a practicing “hardcore” Christian and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why their parents found it unacceptable. Anyhow…

The host, Jacky, turned out to be a really EXCELLENT chef! She cooked a lot of foods. Not just foods, but DELICIOUS foods. The soup, biryani rice, raita (yum!!!!!), samousa, and some fruit deserts. My stomach were about to explode eating sooooooo much foods!


I had a lot of fun. It was no doubt the best ifthar I ever had in the Netherlands — ever since I arrived here 3 years ago. I start to wonder why all the good things always come during my last year of living here?! But anyhow, we’re planning to meet up again during Eid insya Allah! 🙂

Meeting a Muslim convert makes me feel so grateful and blessed that I’m a born Muslim. Often time we take this for granted, don’t you think? It’s definitely something that we should be grateful about. Having lived in a non-Muslim majority country for more than 7 years, the time has come for me to live in a Muslim-majority country again. Without a doubt, I’ve enjoyed living here or anywhere in the world. In terms of religion-wise, I’ve learnt and known Islam much better than if I’d in a Muslim country. But with Islamophobia sweeping across Europe, it’s time for me to go back to the country where I can practice my religion freely and where I can wear hijab without being the center of attention. It hurts to constantly hear Islam — my faith and my way of life — to be insulted and ridiculed again and again. Do insult my race or my nationality, but not my religion.

Thank you, ya Allah for always giving me reminders, giving me the best experience of my life, and answering my prayers. I cannot be any happier.

Bu Asri’s Birthday

Bu Asri's birthday

Two days ago, Angga and I were told to come to Bu Asri’s place to pick up something. When we arrived (during dinner time haha), we were asked to join the birthday dinner! It was totally unexpected! There were a lot of foods! Most importantly, there were IKAN ASIN and SAYUR ASEM!!! waaaaaa… Those were my favorite food that my mum always made!!!! I was so happy to find them!!! hehehehe…. Alhamdulillah :). Happy birthday, Ibuuu Asri 🙂

An Authentic Dutch Dinner

I was invited for a dinner in Helmond with a couple of friends. It was lovely! We had a nice conversation over dinner. And the foods were just DELICIOUS! It was a full course Dutch dinner, consisting of 6 different courses. I LOVE THEM! 🙂

Dinner table Dutch shrimp & crabs cocktail. A weird combi with some fruits but it was DELICIOUS! YUMMM!

Champignonsoep (mushroom soup) with some beef in it... love it! Another salad

Salad. Some shrimps, mashed potatoes, salmons Love the grilling!!

Let's cook! :) Some deserts!!!

Grilled meat

Jessie, if you read this… I wish you were here with us :'( MISS YOU! xoxo

Lovely Evening

I went to a friend’s thesis presentation today and was invited to a dinner afterwards. It was really nice. Catching up with many people I haven’t seen for ages AND promoting the concert! Hahaha. What can I say? I have a marketing blood, I guess.

It’s nice to "go away" from the Indonesian community for awhile. It’s refreshing. I just need a balance, that’s all.

Dinner with Former Housemates



A lot of things happened today! I planned to go to IKEA by bike (around 40 minutes to 1 hour long) as I wanted to have a time for myself… just want to be alone so that I could reflect about the things that had been happening and I could refresh my mind! But minutes before I left the house, I checked the radar and I could see a HUGE cloud was coming. It was so huge that it could cover the whole Netherlands! Yes, it’s going to be raining again and most probably STORMS!

So I decided to bike to the nearest bus stop and take a bus from there to IKEA. On the way back, it was a disaster! I cycled with my umbrella and it went all over the place! The wind was so strong and caused my umbrella to break. It was SO bad. I was so wet. It was freezing too! The journey from the bus stop which usually took 5 minutes, turned to be 15 minutes. It was just unbelievable. The weather was crazy!

My day ended with a nice dinner with my former housemates, Mei and Paul at Usine. It was really nice. I had a really great time. We had a talk ranging from cultural issues (Mei is from Taiwan and Paul is a French with a British mother and a Vietnamese father), history, travel, wedding, to a life in general. Awesome evening, indeed!


in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Joy of Being with Others

I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner today, i.e. buka puasa (break the fast) together. I had been thinking, hmm… what food should I bring? Should I just bring the atayef that I made yesterday? Or should I make something else? As I was browsing some recipes, I suddenly craved for mahshi, a delicious Arab dish that my mom used to make. It is a stuffed vegetables — usually zucchini, eggplant, or bell pepper stuffed with rice and ground beef. So yeah, I decided to make it!

A friend of mine, Elva, came over in the afternoon. We did grocery shopping and eventually cook together. She helped me with mahshi, which was surprisingly very easy to make (recipe can be found here). We also spent some time talking in the backyard. It was a really nice day! The weather was just PERFECT! Loved it!

Mahshi that I made :)

After successfully cooking the mahshi, we then went to the friend’s house we were invited to. This was my first time in this year’s Ramadhan breaking my fast together with other people. I had been doing it alone and I didn’t like it to be honest (seriously, stop complaining, Amalia!). And today I felt so happy to be surrounded with friends 🙂

And the mahshi turned out to be delicious! 🙂 Yum!

The One Before Ramadhan

Tomorrow is my first day of fasting! I hope it’s going to be smooth. I’m planning to stay at home the whole day tomorrow so that I won’t be wasting my energy too much. I need to get used to the whole 17 hours fasting. I used to fast days before Ramadhan, so that by the time I had to start the “real” fasting, I wouldn’t be struggling so hard. But for some reasons, I didn’t do it this time and I really hope I could handle it :). I’m sure I will. Insya Allah.

I spent almost the whole day today being a proofreader for my friend, who’s currently doing his thesis. Just wanted to help, nothing else. I then went to see my friend Yaqing and her boyfriend, Chris in the Centrum. We had dinner together and had such a nice conversation. We hadn’t seen each other for 2 months already! The last time I saw Yaqing was before I went back to Indonesia. I was so glad that she had found someone to be with :). Kinda envy her a little bit haha. But anyway we talked about so many things: politics, our life, and not to forget… our traveling plans! It turned out Chris really wanted to go to Iran! What a coincidence! I’d loooove to join in 😉

I’m quite full with the dinner today. I still have some left overs in the fridge and that’s what I’m going to eat for my sahur. One of the hardest thing about fasting during summer (besides the long duration) is that we only have about 7 hours before Fajr! So, you break the fast at around 9pm, eat some heavy meals and by the time you want to eat for sahur your stomach is still full! Most of the time I eat heavy meals once during sahur, otherwise my stomach won’t take it anymore. I’m still thinking how I’m going to do this, should I just eat heavy meals in the middle, say at 12am… and eat some cookies, deserts, or light foods for iftar and sahur? Yeah, maybe I should try that first.

Ok, time for Qur’an reading 🙂

Round and Round

Jimmy's Farewell Dinner

Such a hectic day today 🙂 Jessie picked me up in the morning to go to her place in Utrecht. I helped her moved; coz she’s moving back to her mom’s in Helmond. There were so many stuff and the car was extremely full! She even felt like the car stood a bit lower LOL. Once we arrived in Helmond, I helped her unpack some of her stuff and re-arrange her room. It was tiring yet I enjoyed being with her 🙂

After the whole moving out-in drama, we went to Eindhoven to attend our friend’s farewell party. We stayed there for quite a while to wait for Ari and Qonita who came all the way from Hamburg, Germany. The four of us went to Helmond again to Jessie’s house and had the second dinner 😛 We talked talked and talked…

This would be the last time I saw Jessie before she’s leaving for Indonesia on Thursday. I’m going to miss her so much! We’ve been spending so much time together these days and it feels weird now that she won’t be around for two months. But anyhow, I really had a great day today 🙂 The sun was shining til 25 degrees Celsius (and I was hoping I got a bit tanned, but apparently not). The laughter. The talk. Everything was great. 🙂