Round and Round

by Amalia

Jimmy's Farewell Dinner

Such a hectic day today 🙂 Jessie picked me up in the morning to go to her place in Utrecht. I helped her moved; coz she’s moving back to her mom’s in Helmond. There were so many stuff and the car was extremely full! She even felt like the car stood a bit lower LOL. Once we arrived in Helmond, I helped her unpack some of her stuff and re-arrange her room. It was tiring yet I enjoyed being with her 🙂

After the whole moving out-in drama, we went to Eindhoven to attend our friend’s farewell party. We stayed there for quite a while to wait for Ari and Qonita who came all the way from Hamburg, Germany. The four of us went to Helmond again to Jessie’s house and had the second dinner 😛 We talked talked and talked…

This would be the last time I saw Jessie before she’s leaving for Indonesia on Thursday. I’m going to miss her so much! We’ve been spending so much time together these days and it feels weird now that she won’t be around for two months. But anyhow, I really had a great day today 🙂 The sun was shining til 25 degrees Celsius (and I was hoping I got a bit tanned, but apparently not). The laughter. The talk. Everything was great. 🙂