Moroccan Dinner

by Amalia

I had a lovely Moroccan farewell dinner with mbak Widi, Cintya, and Farida. We sat at a Moroccan restaurant called Chomicha located in Kruisstraat. The restaurant was quite cozy with a lovely setting. I ordered a 3-course surprise menu. The chef got to choose the meal(s) for me. They were delicious :). The beef tajine was fine. I think Cintya’s kofta tajine was better 😀

Farewell dinner at Chomicha

Farida's starter

I hardly sat in a “real” restaurant here in Eindhoven. I have done it before, only one or two times a year. I decided to do it again since this is my last week in the Netherlands. I just want to treat myself with a really good meal! Alhamdulillah!

Cintya, Farida, and me I got a gift :)