Dinner with Former Housemates

by Amalia



A lot of things happened today! I planned to go to IKEA by bike (around 40 minutes to 1 hour long) as I wanted to have a time for myself… just want to be alone so that I could reflect about the things that had been happening and I could refresh my mind! But minutes before I left the house, I checked the radar and I could see a HUGE cloud was coming. It was so huge that it could cover the whole Netherlands! Yes, it’s going to be raining again and most probably STORMS!

So I decided to bike to the nearest bus stop and take a bus from there to IKEA. On the way back, it was a disaster! I cycled with my umbrella and it went all over the place! The wind was so strong and caused my umbrella to break. It was SO bad. I was so wet. It was freezing too! The journey from the bus stop which usually took 5 minutes, turned to be 15 minutes. It was just unbelievable. The weather was crazy!

My day ended with a nice dinner with my former housemates, Mei and Paul at Usine. It was really nice. I had a really great time. We had a talk ranging from cultural issues (Mei is from Taiwan and Paul is a French with a British mother and a Vietnamese father), history, travel, wedding, to a life in general. Awesome evening, indeed!