Making Atayef

by Amalia

One of the things I miss about spending Ramadhan in Jeddah is the foods! Damn, I miss those Arab/Mediterranean foods that my mom always made especially during this holy month. Atayef is one of them. It is an Arab version of pancake. It is sold everywhere on streets of Jeddah during the Ramadhan (and it’s only sold during this month!). We used to eat it as an appetizer before the main meal was served.

So today, I attempted to make some atayef. It wasn’t my first time making it actually. I made it last year too and it was quite nice :).

The recipe can be found here. I used a syrup of palm sugar instead of custard to eat it. An ice cream or a normal pancake syrup can be a nice combination too!

Well, at least atayef temporarily heals my homesickness :). Ramadhan seriously improves my cooking mood!