Frustration: Queuing

by Amalia

One day, I was in a clothing shop, queuing, when a woman went straight in front of the cashier. I told her politely, that I was there first. Instead of saying sorry, explaining why she did it, or moved back, she gave me a nasty look and immediately put her stuff on the cashier desk like I didn’t even exist.

I was obviously very angry. What an arrogant selfish woman! She then looked at me from top to bottom, as if she’s saying, "Who are YOU to tell me where to queue?" What the hell! I wanted to say things to her. I wanted to give her a lesson. I HATE to be looked down by her society. But I just couldn’t think of any words to say in her language! I was stuck there, didn’t know what to say. Ah, I need to be ready next time!!

I know, this is the same old frustration that I have about the people in this part of the world. They failed to change ever since I stepped my feet into this land. Indonesian people cannot queue too, especially in the busway terminal. But at least they queue in the shops, restaurants, food courts, or whatever! They’d back off if you told them that you were there first. They’d stop smoking if you told them that you couldn’t stand the smoke. They’d apologize if they did something wrong. They have manners.

But these people are different! It’s so frustrating!