The One That Is Mocked All The Time

by Amalia

LOL for this comment on YouTube:

Rockheads all over the world, listen!

The world is changing! The tallest player in the NBA is Asian!

And the chick with the highest pitched voice is Justin Bieber!

No one listens to metal anymore! Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ video currently has over 500,000,000 views! What the f*ck! Everybody unite on July 1st and watch Breaking Benjamin. Refresh your page 5 times to give it 5 more views! Thumb this up so it gets noticed! And copy + paste to all rock vids of your choice!

Oh Justin Bieber. I don’t know any of your songs (except ‘Baby’ since somebody pointed that one out when I was in the mall), but I pity you, seriously. Most of the comments on YouTube have some sentiments toward you. Yet, that is your “home”. You were “born” there. Hahaha.

* Such a waste of time posting this, right? 😛