Project 365

Welcome! This is my own 365 project of creating at least one post per day about the stuff that I learnt, achieved, and found, the stuff that made me happy, or the new thing I did every single day.

The project was started on 21 February 2010. It has stopped for few times but I am determined to continue!

This project is dedicated to myself. I want to feel grateful for every single thing I have. I want to be thankful for my own life. I just want to feel that I have enough.

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Lisse Bike Tour

Tulip field & windmill!

Picnic :) 

This was my third and probably the last time to do a bike tour around Lisse. What I love the most about this bike tour was our picnic and my first discovery of a tulip field with a windmill background! I always saw it in the postcards or calendars but never in real life! I thought it was unreal and was photoshopped! But I was so satisfied that I finally found it 😉

One of the Happiest Moments!

Ehv League

Today, I got a phone call from a contact person at TU/e and he said that they’ve decided to sponsor our event, Eindhoven League!!! I’ve been stressing out that we may not be able to get enough sponsors for this event so this is quite significant!!! They’ve chosen the platinum sponsor which amounts 2,500 euro!!! OMG! I can’t be happier! Alhamdulillah! 🙂 A great achievement!

One foggy day…

Me and Dessy

It seems that these bowling pins are the must-pictured-object in Eindhoven!

Amsterdam with Friends

Dessy and I went to Amsterdam again today and started with a free tour. We only did the first half of the tour though. It was my  first time to be in the tour and I actually really liked it. I’ve been to the tour in Berlin so I knew what to expect. But I now understand how the prostitution business started and why a number of houses in Amsterdam are leaning forward! 🙂

After the tour, I met up with a CouchSurfer-turned-good-friend, Putri, her sister, and her boyfriend. It was a short meet up (as usual! :(). I tried to convince her again to join me for the Middle Eastern travel at the end of 2011 :P. She’s always interested but she’s not sure yet because of the timing. Anyway, I got to visit her house again and met with parents (finally!).


Afterwards, I met Abde, another CouchSurfer who lives in Paris. When I traveled to Paris alone for the first time, he was the one who was kind enough to show me around the city and help me with the super heavy luggage! He’s in Amsterdam to visit his family so we decided to meet up again. It was great!


We just realized that we never had a picture together!!! hahaha… So here we are…

Dessy and I

An Authentic Dutch Dinner

I was invited for a dinner in Helmond with a couple of friends. It was lovely! We had a nice conversation over dinner. And the foods were just DELICIOUS! It was a full course Dutch dinner, consisting of 6 different courses. I LOVE THEM! 🙂

Dinner table Dutch shrimp & crabs cocktail. A weird combi with some fruits but it was DELICIOUS! YUMMM!

Champignonsoep (mushroom soup) with some beef in it... love it! Another salad

Salad. Some shrimps, mashed potatoes, salmons Love the grilling!!

Let's cook! :) Some deserts!!!

Grilled meat

Jessie, if you read this… I wish you were here with us :'( MISS YOU! xoxo

Snowing (again)

Compared to November snow, last night’s snow was the heaviest. See how my bike was almost completely covered by snow? Compared that to this photo of my bike, taken on November in the same place.

My poor bike was covered by snow...

A blanket of snoooow Roads were so slippery!My neighbor's backyard... The garbage...


Symfonieorkest Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Finally, I had a chance to watch a performance at Muziek Gebouw Frits Philips! I was browsing the website the other day when I found a free orchestra concert. I quickly booked the ticket. I was planning to book only 4 tickets, but I found out later that I actually booked 8 tickets! So I invited my friends to come along.

It was really nice! I loved it. I was so happy to hear Infernal Dance by Igor Stravinsky LIVE! 🙂 It was refreshing to be here… especially after many hours looking at the computer. Oh how I love my life.

I’m looking forward to yet another free orchestra concert on 2 January!!!




It was snowing SO.HEAVILY. today. ALL DAY. It was the worst I had ever experienced. The country never had this much of snow for one whole day. Today was clearly the exception.

It just happened that today I had so many things to do which required me to go out of the house. I used to live in the center for two straight years, so everything was close by. But it was different this year. I could really feel the hardship of fighting the snow, trying to get from A to B. I almost fell from my bike for many times. It was so hard to keep it balance. It was quite scary. The roads were soooo slippery. Going by car was as much dangerous as going by bike. A friend even told me she hit another car as she couldn’t brake her car.

And you may wonder by now, why didn’t I take a bus?


Snowy Eindhoven

Yes, I didn’t plan to go out of the house today. But I had to go to my friend’s place for a while. The streets were very slippery! I almost fell from my bike a couple of times. It was truly a challenge to cycle on the snowy roads. Let’s be more careful, yes?

my bike (left)  my bike


November Snow

I woke up with this view 🙂 . It was snowing heavily yesterday and I had trouble cycling as the streets were quite slippery. It will even be more slippery today. Cycling can be very dangerous. Well, I’m planning to stay at home today anyway.