Amsterdam with Friends

by Amalia

Dessy and I went to Amsterdam again today and started with a free tour. We only did the first half of the tour though. It was my  first time to be in the tour and I actually really liked it. I’ve been to the tour in Berlin so I knew what to expect. But I now understand how the prostitution business started and why a number of houses in Amsterdam are leaning forward! šŸ™‚

After the tour, I met up with a CouchSurfer-turned-good-friend, Putri, her sister, and her boyfriend. It was a short meet up (as usual! :(). I tried to convince her again to join me for the Middle Eastern travel at the end of 2011 :P. She’s always interested but she’s not sure yet because of the timing. Anyway, I got to visit her house again and met with parents (finally!).


Afterwards, I met Abde, another CouchSurfer who lives in Paris. When I traveled to Paris alone for the first time, he was the one who was kind enough to show me around the city and help me with the super heavy luggage! He’s in Amsterdam to visit his family so we decided to meet up again. It was great!


We just realized that we never had a picture together!!! hahaha… So here we are…

Dessy and I