Eid: 1st day

by Amalia

Alhamdulillah, I arrived in Jeddah at around 4am. The flight from Amman, Jordan, took around 2 hours and it was quite tiring. There were only 2 passengers (including me)! Hahaha. The whole plane was for us. The other passenger was a Saudi girl, who studied in London for many years. She seemed really nice and didn’t dressed up like most Saudis: simple and almost no make-up (whilst Saudis put too much make-up on daily basis). She had been studying in the UK since 4 years ago. Her family must had been so open-minded and modern, I thought.

When I reached the passport control, there weren’t any queues. So I didn’t have to wait for so long; I only had to wait for my luggage. I was so happy that by the time I reached a luggage carousel, it was 4.30am. But unfortunately, I had to wait for 30 minutes for my luggage to arrive. It seemed like our bags were abandoned, as there were only 2 bags in total. I got out of the airport just after the call for Fajr prayer.

I reached home, took a quick shower, and went to the mosque straight away. I saw many Indonesians (as it’s located near our consulate) and Saudis with their super duper thick make-up. Everyone was so shining. So happy. So delighted. And I felt so blessed to be around with my family for this year’s Eid.

In the afternoon, my family and I went to the residence of the consul general. His house is always used for many Indonesian events. During Eid, the house is opened to the public where many foods will be served. It was my first time to go there during Eid so I was pretty excited. There were plenty of delicious Indonesian foods! I was stuffed with foods and regretted that I ate too much, because we were planning to visit other people’s houses too! 😀

At the residence of Indonesian Consul General At the residence of Indonesian Consul General With my brother With my sister

Well, thankfully my stomach managed to eat more foods. The next three or four days of Eid will be spent with visiting people’s houses, eating, eating, and eating. I will gain more weight for sure. But I don’t care (it’s not like I ever cared about my weight anyway!). I just wanted to enjoy it.

Hope you all have a great Eid celebration!