Trying to be positive…

by Amalia

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. I’m not excited about working in KL at all. Part of the reason is that I don’t know the country! I hate this feeling of not knowing what to expect. I’m kinda lost and intimidated and I’m not confident about it at all.

For studying, I’d prefer to go to a country that is unknown and foreign to me. Before I went to the Netherlands, I didn’t read anything about the culture or the people or even the country itself. I wanted to surprise myself and experienced that culture shock. I deliberately did that.

But for working, I’d rather go to somewhere I’m familiar about. I’m not sure why it matters so much. Somehow, working in a familiar place boosts my confidence. I know how to deal with the people. I know the tricks. I know what to expect. I know what to do. I know my way around. I just feel more confident about myself.

But, seriously Amel!!! You just have to dive into it whether you like it or not!!! What’s so different about working and studying in a foreign country, anyway?! Both of them are foreign to you and you just have to get used to it!

Meh. Oh well.

I’m trying to list the good thing about living in KL/Malaysia so that I’m not too stressed out about moving there:

  • I’ll be closer to my sister! When was the last time we lived under the same roof? 11 years ago, was it?
  • Malaysia is close to Indonesia. Not that I want to frequently visit Indo… but if I want to travel to Papua or Celebes (still a dream) I can do that easily! Ok, Amel, just be realistic. Sumatra is much closer to Malaysia. Might as well visit that island first!!!
  • It’s an Islamic country. No need to be the center of the attention just because I wear hijab! Yay! I’m just like any other people. This is awesome.
  • I can hear ADZAN! Perrrrrrfeeeeect!
  • Middle Eastern foods can be found easily and they are cheap over there!!!! Yum!
  • I have few friends to annoy over there  😛
  • The culture is also similar to Indonesia. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of culture shock I’ll have once I’m there 😛
  • It’s a multicultural country! Just like Australia and the Netherlands :). Me likey.
  • English books are not as expensive as in Indo and postal service is more reliable! Yay online shopping!
  • Indian food scatters everywhere!
  • Nando’s is also everywhere!!! Hehehehe. Oh peri-peri sauce, I’ve been missing you so bad! Muacks! xx
  • The language is similar but funny hehehe. Ah, I’m just going to stick with English for now.
  • Malaysia is also close to Thailand. Does it matter? Hahaha. I have no idea. I’m starting to think about doing a road trip to Thailand! LOL. Is that even doable? I  just want to continue my yearly road trip in SE Asia, you know 😉
  • The main hub of AirAsia is in fact in KL!
  • And… according to my friend, KL has everything hahaha. I’ll need to prove that one myself. LOL.