Totally Fake

by Amalia

Read this article, titled “At The Beach With Nancy Ajram” and found some surprising facts:

  • Lebanon has one of the highest rates per capita of plastic surgery in the world
  • 1.5 million plastic surgeries are performed in Lebanon each year. An estimated 20% of them on men.
  • Lebanon is a country where banks will give women monetary loans for plastic surgery but where up until last year women could not open bank accounts for their children
  • There are more Lebanese women living in Lebanon than there are men

And I can see more fake faces on TV nowadays. I actually wrote a little bit about it in my other blog, focusing more on the Arab female singers. Al-Arabiya published a slideshow of the before and after looks of these Arab stars. Some of them looked sooooo different!

Sherine Ahlam

Pictures taken from Al-Arabiya.