The Realization Part 2

by Amalia

One day, my mom gave her usual and repetitive mother-to-daughter advice over the phone…

Mom: You know, you are 24. It is about time that you should start taking the whole marriage thing SERIOUSLY…. and….

Me: Mom, I’m 26.

(Oops! It was a total mistake to say this!)

Mom: What?! Are you 26 already?

Me: Hmm. Yes?! 😐

(I could feel the tension now LOL. Why did I say that?!?! Argh)

Mom: Oh, dear Lia… You’re having too much fun in this world […]

Me: Mom, if I found that person I’m compatible with now, I would marry him today if you want!

(I love messing around with her. Arguments don’t work anymore. Might as well tell her some stupid jokes hahaha — it works so far)

But… oh… sometimes I feel like such a burden to my family.