The One That Touched Me

by Amalia

I went out of my house today to do grocery shopping. I was trying to unlock my bicycle in front of my house, when a middle-aged woman wearing a hijab walked to my direction. So I said, “Assalamu’alaikum.” She answered back, “Waalaikum salam”. She then asked me, in Dutch, “Do you live here?” She seemed surprised haha. And she started to tell me which house number she lived and that I could just ring her house door anytime I wanted.

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost a year, but I don’t know ANYONE here except my housemates. I don’t even know the neighbors next to us. Whenever we bump to each other, we just say “hi” and that’s about it. This is a “Western” thing. Individualism.

So I was quite delighted when she said that. I asked her where she came from (in my broken Dutch) and it turned out she’s from Morocco. She could speak Arabic too. The  next thing I knew was that she invited me to come over for ifthar anytime I want! At that moment I just felt like wanting to cry! My tears were on the edge of my eyes hahaha. I felt so “terharu”… I felt so touched, you know. I don’t know why. Maybe because I just miss the “Arabic” ifthar atmosphere. Usually some Moroccans refuse to be called Arabs, but I don’t care. Their culture is almost the same for me. LOL. I don’t mind having couscous hahaha.

Will I go to her house? I don’t know. I’m quite undecided. I know that she was not “basa-basi”. But I still have my “urat malu” hahaha. I’m still shy, you know. LOL. ME? SHY?! Yeahhhhh I’m a shy girl. HAHHAHA. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t raise your eyebrows! 😛

So, should I go or not? 😛