Project 365

Welcome! This is my own 365 project of creating at least one post per day about the stuff that I learnt, achieved, and found, the stuff that made me happy, or the new thing I did every single day.

The project was started on 21 February 2010. It has stopped for few times but I am determined to continue!

This project is dedicated to myself. I want to feel grateful for every single thing I have. I want to be thankful for my own life. I just want to feel that I have enough.

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At The Turkish Mosque

Yummy foods at the Turkish mosque today, alhamdulillah 🙂


And I met a really friendly Turkish girl! I always feel happy to meet fellow Muslims, coz I don’t have that many Muslim girl friends here. I’m not picky when it comes to making friends, but it’d be convenient for me to know them, especially when I have to go to the mosque or Islamic events — I won’t be the only girl around.

Blessed Ramadhan

It was a tiring and fulfilling day for me. I have just came back from an ifthar  gathering with an Indonesian community here. I was one of the seksi sibuk (people who are busy because they’re in charge of the whole event). I was standby from 2pm til the end of the gathering! Helping to cook, clean, re-arrange, distribute the foods, and of course eat them! Though I was very tired by the time I reached home, I always loved to help :). It made me happy, somehow.

There were about 25 people came to the gathering. The foods were plenty! And they were so delicious! Again, I ate too much that my stomach complained all the time. I won’t eat again for sahur. It’s enough.


Blessed with Foods

I had one of the best ifthar today at a Turkish mosque. The foods were so delicious! And there were A LOT to choose from! The picture above only shows the appetizers. I didn’t get to take a picture of the main dish (rice with chicken) and the super sweet baklava.

Alhamdulillah! 🙂

The Joy of Being with Others

I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner today, i.e. buka puasa (break the fast) together. I had been thinking, hmm… what food should I bring? Should I just bring the atayef that I made yesterday? Or should I make something else? As I was browsing some recipes, I suddenly craved for mahshi, a delicious Arab dish that my mom used to make. It is a stuffed vegetables — usually zucchini, eggplant, or bell pepper stuffed with rice and ground beef. So yeah, I decided to make it!

A friend of mine, Elva, came over in the afternoon. We did grocery shopping and eventually cook together. She helped me with mahshi, which was surprisingly very easy to make (recipe can be found here). We also spent some time talking in the backyard. It was a really nice day! The weather was just PERFECT! Loved it!

Mahshi that I made :)

After successfully cooking the mahshi, we then went to the friend’s house we were invited to. This was my first time in this year’s Ramadhan breaking my fast together with other people. I had been doing it alone and I didn’t like it to be honest (seriously, stop complaining, Amalia!). And today I felt so happy to be surrounded with friends 🙂

And the mahshi turned out to be delicious! 🙂 Yum!

Making Atayef

One of the things I miss about spending Ramadhan in Jeddah is the foods! Damn, I miss those Arab/Mediterranean foods that my mom always made especially during this holy month. Atayef is one of them. It is an Arab version of pancake. It is sold everywhere on streets of Jeddah during the Ramadhan (and it’s only sold during this month!). We used to eat it as an appetizer before the main meal was served.

So today, I attempted to make some atayef. It wasn’t my first time making it actually. I made it last year too and it was quite nice :).

The recipe can be found here. I used a syrup of palm sugar instead of custard to eat it. An ice cream or a normal pancake syrup can be a nice combination too!

Well, at least atayef temporarily heals my homesickness :). Ramadhan seriously improves my cooking mood!

1st of Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, though I couldn’t eat for 17 hours, today’s fasting wasn’t that bad. I did feel so lacking of energy but I was sure that I would get used to it in the end. I intentionally stayed at home today — I didn’t feel the hunger and thirstiness until 2 hours before I had to break the fast.

Anyway, I was quite satisfied that today I was able to read 3 sections (juz) of the Qur’an. I also did some memorizing for juz ‘Amma — I used to remember the whole chapters (surah) in juz ‘Amma but as I got older, I forgot some of them 🙁 . My goal for this year’s Ramadhan is to memorize the whole surahs in juz ‘Amma. Insya Allah.

Video: Ramadhan

A very funny and entertaining video discussing about issues concerning Ramadhan (e.g. moon sighting wars, super speed taraweeh, 8 vs 20 rakaats, etc). This video serves as a reminder for all of us, the Muslims around the world 🙂

The One Before Ramadhan

Tomorrow is my first day of fasting! I hope it’s going to be smooth. I’m planning to stay at home the whole day tomorrow so that I won’t be wasting my energy too much. I need to get used to the whole 17 hours fasting. I used to fast days before Ramadhan, so that by the time I had to start the “real” fasting, I wouldn’t be struggling so hard. But for some reasons, I didn’t do it this time and I really hope I could handle it :). I’m sure I will. Insya Allah.

I spent almost the whole day today being a proofreader for my friend, who’s currently doing his thesis. Just wanted to help, nothing else. I then went to see my friend Yaqing and her boyfriend, Chris in the Centrum. We had dinner together and had such a nice conversation. We hadn’t seen each other for 2 months already! The last time I saw Yaqing was before I went back to Indonesia. I was so glad that she had found someone to be with :). Kinda envy her a little bit haha. But anyway we talked about so many things: politics, our life, and not to forget… our traveling plans! It turned out Chris really wanted to go to Iran! What a coincidence! I’d loooove to join in 😉

I’m quite full with the dinner today. I still have some left overs in the fridge and that’s what I’m going to eat for my sahur. One of the hardest thing about fasting during summer (besides the long duration) is that we only have about 7 hours before Fajr! So, you break the fast at around 9pm, eat some heavy meals and by the time you want to eat for sahur your stomach is still full! Most of the time I eat heavy meals once during sahur, otherwise my stomach won’t take it anymore. I’m still thinking how I’m going to do this, should I just eat heavy meals in the middle, say at 12am… and eat some cookies, deserts, or light foods for iftar and sahur? Yeah, maybe I should try that first.

Ok, time for Qur’an reading 🙂


Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (Should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

Al-Qur’an 2:185

Ramadhan kareem! Kullu 3am wa antum be7air 🙂