Surprise Food Delivery

by Amalia


Recently, my friends said that I’m much skinnier than usual. I admit that I haven’t taken care of myself well these past weeks. I eat bread, chocolate, or noodles the whole time. I don’t feel like cooking anything. I just make sure that my stomach is not empty, but I don’t make it full either. But their comments about my skinny body struck me. I’m not fond of "skinny" body because I’m already skinny. How much skinny I can be before I turn into a scary bone creature? LOL.

So I "bragged" about it on Twitter. The next thing I knew was that: I got a food delivery from my "sister" Mulia who was in UK! It was a total surprise! I didn’t expect it at all!!! (obviously… d’oh) She’s so far away and at the same time so considerate!!! I have known her for about 6 years through online/blogging but we never had a chance to meet! We’ve discussed about a lot of stuff, from politics, religion, to personal issues and I consider her as my older sister. But I never expected that she’d be doing this to me!  I wanted to cry huhuhu. Some people are just so freakin nice, you know. Anyway, I didn’t know that there’s a website where you can order foods online from different restaurants and be delivered wherever you want! Cool stuff!

The food was delivered right before I was about to have my meal after Maghrib prayer. It was just on time haha. It was good and filling — a typical Turkish food. I still had some left for tomorrow 😉 and I also had some foods packed for me from Jessie’s mom (oh, she always does this for me all the time *cry*). I don’t need to cook for the next few days, alhamdulillah.

The wonder of Ramadhan? 🙂