My New WordPress Plugin

by Amalia

WP Visited Countries

I’m proud to announce my new WordPress Plugin, which I named it "WP Visited Countries". I started to develop this plugin in the middle of last year, but somehow it never finished. I tried to complete it before I started my Middle East trip, but again, it was delayed. The plugin was working fine but I was not satisfied with the codes. I wanted to find a more neat way to do it. I never developed any plugins before, so it took time for me to learn how to do it the right way.

Since I have nothing to do these days, I decided to resume the project again. After less than a week of changing the codes, looking at old codes, and reading a lot of tips on the Internet, I managed to finish it! Yay!

So, there it is, my new plugin. When it was first released early in the morning, there were no bugs — as far as I knew. But then I discovered that the plugin couldn’t work in multisite feature of WordPress (i.e. having multiple blogs under one WordPress installation). So I had to add some minor changes… I haven’t tested it thoroughly this time. I hope it came out right! Any feedback? 😉