It’s Been So Long

by Amalia


It was 8 years ago — 2004 to be exact — that for the time I designed and developed a website especially dedicated for my high school friends. At that time, static websites were still very much popular and many people still relied on free website hosting that was equipped with ads in each page.

The original website that I designed underwent major makeover two years later, although it’s still static. I had been wanting to make it dynamic, but I didn’t have time yet. The plan was always postponed that I finally gave up on paying its domain altogether.

Time passed by and I completely forgot about the existence of this website. It was only today that I encountered this website again! I couldn’t believe that the website could still be perfectly viewed with today’s web browser! 🙂 Hoorah to me! 🙂

I’m currently reminiscing about the good old days through this website. Such a lovely memory.