Miss Me, Yet?

by Amalia

A chat with my lovely little brother…

Bro: When are you going back to Jakarta? I’ll be there in 4 days until after Eid.

me: I don’t know!!! But I think I’ll go straight to KL

Bro: Why?! Ira is going to be in Jakarta next month.

me: Really???

Bro: Wallahi

me: Well, if she’s in Jakarta, then I need to go there then. Let’s see when I’ll graduate

Bro: what if you don’t graduate? hahahhaa…

me: hey!!!! at least pray for me! ckckck

Bro: oh so it’s still mishwar. Hopefully you’ll graduate 😉

me: So, do you miss me? 😉

Bro: Hmmm… I don’t think so… hahahaha….

me: hahahahha. I know you do!!!!

He never wanted to admit it. LOL.