I’m Sorry, Friends…

by Amalia

… for disappearing too long.

Emails are left ignored. Messages are no longer replied. Facebook has been deactivated. Twitter is no longer exciting.

After trying to move on and get on with my life for almost a year in KL, I have decided to cut off all my communication with friends overseas: the Netherlands, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, ah you name it.

For me, this would be the best move so far to get me where I always want: to completely move on. Not knowing anyone’s updates, not looking at their pictures, not saying or hearing those painful words "I miss you too!" or "I wish you were here", or even pretending that I have no friends is the best remedy I could probably think of.

I do feel better being like this and I don’t know until when I’ll disappear from all the social hype. I still feel sad whenever a colleague of mine came back from Amsterdam office for a project. It makes me realize that I haven’t completely moved on yet, but hopefully I’m getting there.

Life in KL is still as unfruitful as it’s always be. Nothing exciting. Boring. No new friends. Just nothing. You know you have no life when you prefer working rather than taking leave days. It’s pathetic, I know. But work is the only thing that makes me completely happy and contented.

The question is, how long can I live in this way?