Full of Hypocrisy

by Amalia

Isn’t it funny that…

I keep on complaining about those who are so ignorant about the world’s current events and how they’re able to live in this world without thinking about others, while I keep my eyes and ears shut about what’s happening in Indonesia?

I criticize people who love to buy gadgets whenever the new one comes out because it is such a waste of money, while I spend so much money on traveling? (although I can give you a long list of arguments, benefits, etc about it hehe)

I get overly irritated when ANY of my guy friends commented on the physical aspect of any girls on the street (e.g. "look at that sexy woman"), yet I find it perfectly fine for my girl friends to admire handsome boys?

This is the world we live in. It is full of hypocrisy — whether you realize it or not.