Filter Them Out

by Amalia

My friends asked me one day, why I was only interested in foreign news — Dutch, Saudi, Middle East, etc. Anything but Indonesian news.

You want to know why?

Well. I found Indonesian news to be too much. And it only centers on one similar topic! Corruption. The coward president. Violence. It keeps on going on and on like that. It usually starts small. Slowly. Then it gets really heavy, over the top… Just too much. My head just can’t handle it. I need something different, for God sake!

I admit that at one time, I kept myself out of Indonesian news for one year. I just refused to know anything about it. Except the good ones, of course. Those things that informed about the improvement that we made. Or about our prospect. Or about our achievements. I felt much better to read those things.

And seriously, if I keep on reading the "bad" Indonesian news, my urge to go back for good will eventually disappear! I won’t let that happens.