Evolution of Notifications

by Amalia

I’m always amazed with the evolution of web applications. Ages ago, we used to rely on RSS and everyone seems to have his/her own Google Reader to keep up with recent updates of news, blogs, and so on. At the same time, email notifications were widely used too, even until this day. A lot of blogs actually rely on email subscriptions to notify users of new posts. Then few year ago, Facebook and other social media came as a platform for sharing anything on the internet. Almost all bloggers have their own dedicated Facebook page. Even I want to make one, but I know I won’t be very “diligent” in making it growing. So I leave this idea to rest.

Now, slowly one by one, websites are starting to adopt push notifications. Readers can subscribe to the notifications and they will get notified whenever there are new new posts from the websites. It’s an interesting concept! Chrome and Firefox browsers support this feature, while Microsoft Edge and Safari will follow suit.

I am now trying some push notification services that are available free of charge in the market. I am currently eyeing for OneSignal and I hope I am making a good decision to adopt it. Stay tuned!