Aussie’s Obsession with Abbreviations

by Amalia

Reading too much tweets and news about the Queensland floods made me realized (again) that Australians are soooooo obsessed with abbreviations! Here are some of them that I came across:

Australian: Aussie
Mosquito: mozzie
Television: Telly
Kangaroo: roo
Barbeque: barbie
Woolworths: woolies (a supermarket chain)
Brisbane: Brizzy
Football: footy
University: Uni
Afternoon: arvo
Sunglasses: sunnies

So what about having a barbie this arvo? LOL. It sounds funny now since it’s been so long that I heard these words appear!

Next week I’ll be hosting a CouchSurfer from Brisbane. I’m so looking forward to it. A little bit of reminiscing about the good old days, perhaps? 🙂