A Gateway

by Amalia

But do tell me, what’s troubling you? Are you working now? If not, hop on a plane and come stay with me in Taiwan for a week or two. Don’t worry about accommodation and food. I got you covered! I mean it! You just get yourself a plane ticket and a suitcase and come on over. You need a break. We’ll go somewhere…get outta Taipei for a weekend. I sure as hell could use a getaway!

— Jenn

I’ll do everything to make myself better. Even if I have to go to Taiwan. Isn’t it pathetic that I have to go somewhere to talk to people whom I can relate to and can pour my heart inside and out?

I’m going to see Mayu in Brisbane in September insyaAllah… and Taiwan… perhaps after that!

My fourth month in KL hasn’t gone any better… in terms of social life. It saddens me a lot. I’m going crazy if it continues to be like this for a year or more.