The Spring

by Amalia

Eindhoven was warmer than usual today! It was sunny with a 12 degrees Celsius temperature. Despite the stomachache, despite of everything… I can’t ask for a better day 🙂

In the winter, I usually did my laundry and hanged the clothes inside my house. Otherwise it would take ages for my clothes to dry up. But not today though! I decided that it was the time for me to dry my clothes in the backyard.

And look what I found! The flowers have bloomed! What a beautiful sight!!! I could see some gigantic bees wondering around (Oh, hello there! I haven’t seen you guys around since last fall!!). I’m gonna go to a market on Saturday to buy some tulips to be put in my room. The last time I looked for them a few weeks ago, I couldn’t find them! So probably they’re now available on the market 🙂

Spring is here. And I can’t be more delighted. Alhamdulillah.