The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman

by Amalia

Who's the guy behind Omar Suleiman?

This was Omar Suleiman, announcing on Egyptian State TV that Mubarak had resigned. The people had finally brought down the regime. Egyptians never felt so free and happy until that day.

Watching Suleiman’s announcement over and over again, one might wonder: who in the world was that guy standing behind him?! Yes, he looked like that ALL THE TIME!!! With his sharp eyes and high-arc eyebrows, he rolled his eyes from left to right, right to left. He just stood there, showing no emotion or whatsoever. His face and eyebrows didn’t change at all for the course of Suleiman’s short announcement. Only his eyes rolled.

It turned out that it wasn’t the first time that he appeared on the televised announcement. This is another one:

Who's the guy behind Omar Suleiman?

Today, I found a Facebook page The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman that has been circulating in the Twitworld.  The photos cracked me up!!! Everyone should check the page out!

In the bid of finding who the guy really was, someone compared him to 4 different people who looked like him, one of them was Ben Ali! Hahaha. ROFL.

Who's the guy behind Omar Suleiman?

He was even replaced by some cartoon characters and KFC’s Colonel Sanders!



And here are other hilarious photos:


ROFL =))

Facebook page: The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman