The Gifts of Imperfection

by Amalia

I just purchased this book by Brene Brown. I’ve been slacking myself for buying this book merely because I have MANY books to read. But when I saw a 50% discount of this book at Book Depository, I decided to buy it immediately. A 50% discount AND a free shipping worldwide! A really good deal, huh? If you’re interested in this book, I suggest to buy it IMMEDIATELY!

I admit I’ve been buying many books (and accessories). It’s what Indonesians call "kalap". I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to do this anymore when I go back to Indonesia. It’s impossible for me to get cheap English books (and cheap accessories) over there. The postal service is not reliable too so I don’t know how I can cope living without online shopping hahaha. Well, for now I can rely on my sister who lives in KL. I can send all the books to her and she can bring them to me when she goes back to Jakarta. That’s my plan :P. For the next one year haha. I hope she keeps on living there so I can take an advantage hehe.