by Amalia


I’m not a big fan of tea, to be honest. Hot chocolate and mango juice are my top favorites. Coffee (preferably cappuccino) is the next favorite (but trying so hard NOT to drink this frequently). Tea and soda drinks are, however, at the bottom of my list.

But ever since I got sick, I’ve avoided hot chocolate and coffee altogether. Somehow I feel they’re not good for my throat. But I need to drink something warm (too lazy to make a lemonade + honey mixture). So I opt for a tea!!!! 😀

It feels weird. I never bought a box of tea before. A change of lifestyle, I guess? 😛 Every time I drink tea, I remember about my ex-housemate and good friend, Jenny. She used to sit in our living room after dinner, watching TV and drinking a cup of green tea.

Ohhhh damn! I haven’t written to her for AGES! Maybe I should! 😐