Project 365

Welcome! This is my own 365 project of creating at least one post per day about the stuff that I learnt, achieved, and found, the stuff that made me happy, or the new thing I did every single day.

The project was started on 21 February 2010. It has stopped for few times but I am determined to continue!

This project is dedicated to myself. I want to feel grateful for every single thing I have. I want to be thankful for my own life. I just want to feel that I have enough.

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One of the Happiest Moments!

Ehv League

Today, I got a phone call from a contact person at TU/e and he said that they’ve decided to sponsor our event, Eindhoven League!!! I’ve been stressing out that we may not be able to get enough sponsors for this event so this is quite significant!!! They’ve chosen the platinum sponsor which amounts 2,500 euro!!! OMG! I can’t be happier! Alhamdulillah! 🙂 A great achievement!

Social Life Goes On…

Jessie, Uca, and me @ TU Delft

Though I’m busy with thesis, I don’t want to completely disappear from the world. Most of my friends do that and I don’t think I’ll be able to afford that. There needs to be a balance in everything. Thesis, social life, organization activities, and faith/religion. Ya Allah, I won’t be able to do this without You. Always guide and help me please :).

Life? What’s That?

I’m getting crazy. Absolutely crazy that I just want to take my brain away for a day. My brain needs a rest. If my brain were a hard disk, it would have made a weird annoying noise. Ohhhh, look at me! So geek, for comparing my brain to the computer hahaha!

My routine for a week has been this: wake up, do assignments, sleep, wake up, do assignments, sleep… continuously. I do assignments while eating. I think about the assignments while taking shower. And rather than counting sheep, praying, or think about something wonderful, I think about the assignments before I sleep. On the bed. O yeah! See how "devoted" I am?

I haven’t seen the outside world for a week already, except at one time I had to go to the campus to meet with my project mates. I wonder if my housemates ever wonder that I barely go out of my room, except to pee or to heat up my meals. Oh gosh, good thing I had lots of foods that I cooked a week ago! Or else I would go starving.

But no matter how stressing it is, the presence of my friends always cheers me up! Even though, it can only be done online. It helps. It really does.

A Chat

And yes, I was laughing so hard! 😛 I felt like I hadn’t laughed for so long.

I guess, I have to always remember now that no matter how busy I am, I should never ever neglect my friends. Hihihihi 🙂 I’m sorry if you think that way! Been so stressing! 😀

Which Floor Am I On?

I was invited to a close friend’s housewarming party in the evening. We’re a group of international and Dutch students who happened to take the same courses. There were Chinese, Taiwanese, Romanians, Columbian, Turkish, Indonesian (only me), and of course Dutch. All of the sudden, we were talking about floor buildings and we started to have some arguments for few minutes!

The Chinese and Columbian argued that the ground-level floor of the building is called the first floor, while the floor above it is called the second floor. However, the Romanians argued that the ground-level floor IS called the ground floor. The floor above it is called the first floor. While the Dutch seemed to agree with the Chinese and Columbian.

And me? To be honest, when it comes to floor numbering, I always get confused. Maybe because I’ve lived in different countries, so I get confused with their respective conventional ways on how to name their floors. When somebody say which floor I have to go to, I need to ask him/her again that we refer to the same floor. I just have to do it somehow.

Then the Dutch compared this floor numbering with centuries. You don’t call zero century, do you? You’d call it first century instead.

Hehehe. It was a loooong discussion and a friend of mine had to stop it by explaining in a Petri net way *geek mode on* LOL. Ah, what a day.

Angklung Charity Concert: Photos

Some pictures! 🙂

A Concert From Indonesians For Indonesia

Performing 8 songs using angklung, after only 1 month of practice!

The Angklung Team

Me, in red kebaya costume :D. The dress code for women was kebaya and for men was batik, of course! (except this guy on my left hand side…)


The Audiences!

The audiences learned how to play angklung too….

The audiences... learning how to play angklungThe audiences... learning how to play angklung

… taught by our lovely conductor, teh Ida (teh or teteh in Sundanese means "sister"). The audiences could instantly play Edelweiss! How awesome!

Teaching how to play Edelweiss with angklung

Not to mention, we had special guests from UK and Germany who came specially for this concert!!! They played kacapi suling and rampak kendang.

Kacapi Suling Rampak Kendang

Finally, a group picture after the concert! These were the people who directly involved in making the concert happened, including the performers, two lovely emcees, stage manager, and photographers :).

The whole team!

Me and Jessie 😉

me & Jessie

I’m still waiting for more pictures and a video of the whole concert to be uploaded. Stay tuned!!

* Photos courtesy of mbak Inne. Thank you, mbak!

Song of Do-Re-Mi

This was us, the angklung team, performing at the Angklung Charity Concert at our campus, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. The concert was a SUCCESS! We all had a wonderful time! 🙂

Alhamdulillah, up until today, we have received a total of 916.52 euro and the amount is expected to increase as people can still donate through electronic transfer until 3 December! I’m so relieved!!!

Thank you all for coming and for supporting the event :). And thanks to the lovely one and only conductor, teh Ida, and to those who worked hard to make this event a success (including teh Desi!). Great job everyone!!!

P.S. this is the video (final version) I made for the purpose of fundraising, which was shown at the concert:

When Nervousness Is Unavoidable

All I can say now is: BUSY! HECTIC! And I LOVE IT!

Tomorrow is THE DAY! Wish us luck!!!!


I had such a long day today! I went for angklung practice in the morning, followed by an ‘election day’ organized by the Indonesian Student Association in Eindhoven (PPI/e) to choose a new president.

The election ran a little bit messy in the beginning. Nobody was interested to nominate him/herself to be the President. As a result, there were no candidates at all. So, it ended up with a direct nomination. But each candidate refused to take the tough job. Everyone was frustrated and there was even a talk that the PPI/e would be freeze as no new leader was chosen.

A good friend of mine, Arya, who was the President of PPI/e at that time, was even more frustrated and worried. He had worked so hard to bring the name of PPI/e to the surface and to make the organization a platform for Indonesian students in Eindhoven to gather. If the PPI/e would be inactive, his effort would be so useless. So he delivered an unexpected and spontaneous ‘speech’ that really stabbed the hearts of everyone in the room. I was so touched. It was a really great one! If I had the guts and time to be the President, I would have nominated myself. But sadly, I didn’t. After he delivered the speech, two candidates stepped in and we finally chose the leader :). Congrats Al!

Al, the incoming PPI/e President, and Arya, the outgoing PPI/e President

It was such a long event. But it ended with a great dinner and entertaining video! I enjoyed it.

Lovely Evening

I went to a friend’s thesis presentation today and was invited to a dinner afterwards. It was really nice. Catching up with many people I haven’t seen for ages AND promoting the concert! Hahaha. What can I say? I have a marketing blood, I guess.

It’s nice to "go away" from the Indonesian community for awhile. It’s refreshing. I just need a balance, that’s all.

Angklung Charity Concert

Microsoft PowerPoint - Bamboo In Harmony-Invitation.ppt

Counting down! Super excited! 🙂