Project 365

Welcome! This is my own 365 project of creating at least one post per day about the stuff that I learnt, achieved, and found, the stuff that made me happy, or the new thing I did every single day.

The project was started on 21 February 2010. It has stopped for few times but I am determined to continue!

This project is dedicated to myself. I want to feel grateful for every single thing I have. I want to be thankful for my own life. I just want to feel that I have enough.

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Angklung Performance @ de Dommel

Glad it’s over! Phew. Finally I can take a rest a little bit. Our performance at the Festival Muziek op de Dommel was the biggest one so far, targeting the Dutch public audience, instead of Indonesians or students. We didn’t get to perform at the main stage, but hopefully next year we would be able to perform there!!

On that day, we all gathered in the chapel nearby the festival to do our last rehearsal before our performance. Then we walked from the chapel to the venue.

Last rehearsal at the chapel nearbyWalking from the chapel to the festival

It was so hot on that day! We were all grumpy waiting for the performance at the main stage to finish. We were behind the schedule.

This was the main stage... right on the Dommel River :)Waiting for the main stage to finish its performance. Everyone looked so grumpy haha

The MC was explaining about angklung to the audience

The performance with Burhan as the conductorHappy after the performance

The cutest loyal angklung supporters who never failed to attend the rehearsals right from the beginning 🙂

One of the cutest angklung supporters :)Another cute angklung supporter :)

Conclusion: it was a great performance! I really enjoyed it. The audience seemed to enjoy it too coz we got 2 offers to perform again. Yay!

The (almost) full angklung team

Photos courtesy of Angga and Xuchen.

Here’s the video of one of our performances, playing Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky.


Visit for more videos!

Tomorrow: Festival Muziek

Festival Muziek op de Dommel

Angklung Eindhoven

Yay! Finally it’s here! The festival that we’ve all been waiting for is coming up very soon. I’m thrilled and super excited. I can’t wait to perform and promote our culture 🙂 I also can’t wait to watch the orchestra. It’s going to be awesome! I’ll post the videos when they’re available.

Since the theme of this year’s festival is Russian music, so we decided to play the following songs (I include the links of the past performances too): Kalinka, Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini v2, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty.

Wish us luck!!!

The Committee of EHV League 2011

Great job, everyone 🙂 And yes, that’s the trophy!

This would be the last event I organized and involved in. I still have a web design work to do with an Islamic School here, then I’m done and I will focus on my thesis entirely… Oh boring life awaits…

Eindhoven League 2011

Super busy with this event in which I’m involved in the committee for the whole weekend! I wasn’t supposed to be busy as my core job has finished, but in the end, I became involved in the information desk. I feel so tired, but I’m so happy that today’s event went successfully! 🙂 It’s time to sleep and gain more energy for tomorrow.

Swan Lake


Our recent performance at a charity event in a small city of Best, which is only few minutes by train from Eindhoven.

I think we did a great job playing this song! 🙂 Many of the notes need to be played longer though. But I hope we can play it perfectly next month! 2 more songs to practice, then we’re ready for the Festival Muziek op de Dommel! Can’t wait!

Angklung Eindhoven

I’m so proud of our angklung team! We have recently got "accepted" to perform at Muziek Op Dommel!!! This is a free orchestra concert which has the stage located by the Dommel River. I watched last year’s concert and it was AWESOME! This will be our first performance at a festival where a number of nationally-acclaimed musical ensemble will take part!!! Woooow, such an achievement! I hope we’ll be able to perform at the main stage!!! 🙂

Muziek Op Dommel

Meanwhile, here are our most recent performances, playing The Blue Danube (Johann Strauss) and Indonesian traditional songs (medley).


One of the Happiest Moments!

Ehv League

Today, I got a phone call from a contact person at TU/e and he said that they’ve decided to sponsor our event, Eindhoven League!!! I’ve been stressing out that we may not be able to get enough sponsors for this event so this is quite significant!!! They’ve chosen the platinum sponsor which amounts 2,500 euro!!! OMG! I can’t be happier! Alhamdulillah! 🙂 A great achievement!

One foggy day…

Me and Dessy

It seems that these bowling pins are the must-pictured-object in Eindhoven!

Snowing (again)

Compared to November snow, last night’s snow was the heaviest. See how my bike was almost completely covered by snow? Compared that to this photo of my bike, taken on November in the same place.

My poor bike was covered by snow...

A blanket of snoooow Roads were so slippery!My neighbor's backyard... The garbage...

Which Floor Am I On?

I was invited to a close friend’s housewarming party in the evening. We’re a group of international and Dutch students who happened to take the same courses. There were Chinese, Taiwanese, Romanians, Columbian, Turkish, Indonesian (only me), and of course Dutch. All of the sudden, we were talking about floor buildings and we started to have some arguments for few minutes!

The Chinese and Columbian argued that the ground-level floor of the building is called the first floor, while the floor above it is called the second floor. However, the Romanians argued that the ground-level floor IS called the ground floor. The floor above it is called the first floor. While the Dutch seemed to agree with the Chinese and Columbian.

And me? To be honest, when it comes to floor numbering, I always get confused. Maybe because I’ve lived in different countries, so I get confused with their respective conventional ways on how to name their floors. When somebody say which floor I have to go to, I need to ask him/her again that we refer to the same floor. I just have to do it somehow.

Then the Dutch compared this floor numbering with centuries. You don’t call zero century, do you? You’d call it first century instead.

Hehehe. It was a loooong discussion and a friend of mine had to stop it by explaining in a Petri net way *geek mode on* LOL. Ah, what a day.