Some Familiar Places

by Amalia

The first three pictures below are the neighborhoods I frequently visited/passed by during my 4 years in Brisbane. And they were all completely under water! This picture was taken when the water hadn’t got to its peak of 5.5 meters yet! So, I’m bracing for more awful pictures first thing in midnight (or morning –  Brisbane time).

Perrin Park, which is a park very near to my old apartment in Taringa, Brisbane. I used to pass this bus stop everyday to go to the Uni.@ Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St. Lucia, located very near to my campus. I used to eat at Nando's over there!!!! :-S (far right)I used to work around this area. My office was in a higher ground but I walked through this street everytime I went to work.One of the worst hit suburbs in Brisbane. This one was in Chelmer, I believe.

It’s hard breaking to see these pictures! I can’t explain how sad it is to see the news every single day.

Of course, this is my favorite picture ever. The statue of Wally Lewis, nicknamed The King, who was ready to go under! I love how the Aussies still have their sense of humor alive during this devastating moment!

The statue is located in front of the Suncorp Stadium, which is already flooded. The whole rugby stadium was filled with water.

King Wally is ready to go under!!! hahaha

Photos was taken from here. The photo of King Wally was taken from here.