Islam-Related Links

by Amalia

I take great precautions when reading about Islam on the Internet. There is misleading information posted everywhere. There is also an information which is probably not misleading, but does not fit to what I believe in. So I need to make sure that the websites that I browse are reliable so as to prevent misguidance.

So let’s start off with the website that I frequently visit, which is This website is a great source for all sorts of Islamic related topics. Yasir Qadhi is one of the scholars who contributed to the website. Obviously there are quite a number of articles that I have read there and I can’t be bother to find them again. But the ones that I recently read and I especially like are listed below:

  • Parenting Series β€” well, I looove reading about parenting, so don’t blame me! I especially like this one because it talks about “Islamic parenting” πŸ™‚
  • Like Father Like Daughter β€” discussing about father-daughter relationships, some mistakes that fathers make, and some tips what they should do instead. I have to say, a lot of fathers in the Arab world do not know how to deal with their daughters when they get older. So this is a good article for them!
  • Pornography Addiction Among Muslims (Stories & Tips) β€” the title speaks for itself. Pornography is one of the major problems in the Muslim society. The article is SO long but it has a lot of information in it: from husband’s point of view, wife’s point of view, and scholar opinions regarding this issue. Good stuff!
  • Yasir Qadhi: The Definition of β€˜Travel’ (safar) According to Islamic Law β€” a very interesting post discussing about different opinions of scholars regarding the distance that constitutes ‘travel’. The second part of  the post talks about distance in modern measurements. I haven’t read the second part though. Will do it soon.
  • The Best of Stories: Pearls from Surah Yusuf β€” I have only read some parts of this post because it’s so long (but it’s awesome!). It’s still on my to-do list and I think I’ll watch the video instead. Recommended!

Another website that I like to visit is These are the recent posts that I read which I find to be interesting:

Besides those two websites, my favorite way to increase my Islamic knowledge is to browse and watch videos on YouTube! You probably know that I’m a big fan of Nouman Ali Khan, but there are many other people that are as good as him. Below are the list of channels that you should subscribe if you want to learn more about Islam:

  • Khalifahklothing β€” most up-to-date channels containing all sorts of talks and speeches about many topics in Islam
  • NoumanAliKhan100 β€” most of the talks delivered by Nouman Ali Khan can be found here
  • QuranWeekly β€” containing short videos discussing about some verses or short chapters of the Qur’an. A great way to learn the words of Allah more deeply beyond their translation.
  • ICNATV β€” ICNA is a Muslim organization in the States. It organizes the annual ICNA convention β€” and thankfully, through this channel, you can watch some scholars and prominent Muslim preachers talking about different Islamic topics.
  • Ummahfilms β€” Baba Ali reminds you just in case you forgot :). Very funny videos!

Hope these links are useful to improve your knowledge in Islam, especially during the month of Ramadhan :).