Happy 1st Birthday!

by Amalia


I’m so proud to be part of the family :). It’s been a great and an inspiring journey from the beginning. It started off as an ambitious dream with only 18 members and it has grown rapidly with a total of more than 40 members! Impressive!

Today was a celebration of our achievements (and apparently it coincided with the birthday of our director :)). It was also the day when the committee presented their visions and future plans on where this group would be headed. They even planned on recording in a studio!!! How awesome is that?! There were too many plans that they’ve laid out and it’s sad to say that I would not be here next year…

Not to mention: the foods were not to be missed, of course! After all, an Indonesian gathering without the foods were never complete!

Happy 1st birthday, Angklung Eindhoven!

Our director (teh Desi) and the two conductors (teh Ida and Burhan) cutting the cake! Our director received a birthday gift :)Our director received a birthday gift :) Eating and talking!Eating and talking! Eating and talking!