Exploring A New Hobby

by Amalia


There is something about living in KL that is rather unique, different to the life I had in the Netherlands or in any other countries to be exact.

My life back in the Netherlands more leaned to social life. I miss having friends come over to my place, cook for them, play UNO with them, and stay up late with them. I miss the kind of life where anyone is reachable — I can just call one of my friends when I am bored or in difficulties and find myself having a conversation with that person in a cafe somewhere few hours later. When I don’t feel like socializing with one particular group, I can go to another group. I’m surrounded with people all the time.

But this kind of life is not possible here (yet). I have very few friends here, so my social life is currently in a very low state — though I’m not in an urgent situation to fix it because it takes time to find a lot of friends. So I decided to ignore this fact for awhile and accept it as it is. It’s hard, but I can’t do anything with it. I just need to get used to it and I can say that I’m getting there — bit by bit. The few friends that I have here are those people I cherish the most and I can say that I am grateful to have them as my friends :).

So I’ve shifted my focus. I’ve decided to focus more on how to get away my boredom. I’ve been forcing myself to be creative, to find a new way to kill my free unemployed time, and to be busy in an interesting way without involving other people. I’ve decided to explore new things or new hobbies that I can do on my own away from the Internet and computer.

Doing puzzles is just one of them. I never was a fan of puzzles. In fact, I didn’t remember having any sets of puzzles when I was a kid. I was more of a Barbie kind of girl. It was only when I was in Istanbul that I enjoyed doing them. So I decided to give it a try this time. I couldn’t find a cheap puzzle set in KL, but luckily I found one in Jakarta. It turned out that it’s quite fun to do it, even alone! It made me feel so addicted. I discovered recently that, just like Sudoku (one of my favourite games too), doing puzzles may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Awesome! The bad thing about it is that: you have to keep on buying new puzzle set whenever you finished solving it! (I’m broke to the max)

The other thing I want to do is knitting and/or stitching. I used to do it when I was in Junior High. My mom taught me how to do it and I remember I quite enjoyed it. The thing is, I don’t remember how to do it anymore and I need money to buy the materials (and a tutorial book). I think they’re quite pricey and I have NO idea where to buy them in KL. I’m still exploring 🙂