Chatting with Broken Arabic

by Amalia

Chatting with my most favorite guy is always full of laughter (and full of ROFL smileys). I showed my brother this super cute picture of panda, because I knew he would not find her cute at all. He was simply annoyed, because it was just a freaking panda for God sake! Hahaha.

It’s no secret that we LOVE to speak in broken Arabic. So much so that our dad was annoyed upon hearing it every time hahhaa. But it’s so funny! We call it a broken Arabic because we can put the verb and noun in any place we want. We basically imitate how the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and some Indonesians speak Arabic. LOL. The funny thing is that some Saudis use broken Arabic too when they speak with them!!! 😛 The bad thing about it is that I no longer know how to speak in proper Arabic!!! I totally forgot hahaha! I don’t talk Arabic to anyone else except him. This is bad! LOL.

Not a lot of people know that the Arabs use numbers to replace some Arabic letters that do not exist in the Roman alphabet. For example, the letter ‘ain (ع) is replaced with number 3. In the chat above, I wrote the word ba3den which means later. Another example is the word 5alas which means enough/that’s it/finish. The number 5 denotes the letter kha’ (Ø®) in Arabic. The word can also be written as khalas.

For the complete list of alphabets, go to this Wikipedia page about Arabic chat alphabet.