Almond Blossom

by Amalia

Almond Blossom by Van Gogh

This is the painting of a famous Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. It’s called Almond Blossom and is one of my favorite paintings of Van Gogh. I bought a huge poster of it few months ago which are now displayed in my room. I also bought a smaller version for my former housemate and close friend, Jenn, for her 25th birthday.

I was (and I still am) so happy today. After a long and tiring (yet fun day!), I got a sweet surprise: I received a letter from Jenn. I couldn’t describe how excited I was when I saw the envelope which had my name on it! I could recognize right away her writing and I knew it was from my dear friend Jenny. As I read her 4 small pages of letter, tears flew from my eyes. And suddenly… all the sweet memories that we had 2 years ago came to life.

I’m just too grateful to have a friend like Jenn 🙂