Project 365

Welcome! This is my own 365 project of creating at least one post per day about the stuff that I learnt, achieved, and found, the stuff that made me happy, or the new thing I did every single day.

The project was started on 21 February 2010. It has stopped for few times but I am determined to continue!

This project is dedicated to myself. I want to feel grateful for every single thing I have. I want to be thankful for my own life. I just want to feel that I have enough.

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For The Unfaithful

I stumbled upon this song by Rossa. This is just a really sad song. I watched her performance singing this song and it was sooo emotional. I cried my eyes out. Damn, it’s been a long time ago, yet the memory is still fresh on my mind.

How I wish you never did it.

The Invisible

Love has pierced with its arrow
The heart of every lover.
Blood flows but the wound is invisible.

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Love, Marriage, Commitment

A blogger friend once tweeted:

Love is NOT enough to become the basis for a marriage. A much stronger foundation is a commitment.

He went on to say:

Definitely, a loveless marriage is very painful. However, you may have also noticed that people in love for years, got married – then divorced quite soon. A strong commitment may enable the couple to develop solutions to their problems – conflict management, etc. A strong commitment will help dissolve each egos – and let a new personality, your partnership, to emerge.

It’s true. Many people these days got married because they’re deeply in love; failing to realize that they’ve signed the "contract" for life.

Indeed, commitment is such a powerful thing. Sometimes I do think that, for some people, commitment overrides love. No matter how many times your husband or wife betrays you, ending a marriage is still not an option. For some people like me, we would have questioned, how could it be not an option?!

And for me, the questions remain unanswered: How do you know that you’re ready to spend the remaining years of your life with that person? How do you know that you’re willing to be committed and stay true to that commitment for the rest of your life? How can you be so sure? How does it feel like to be sure?!

The Place

My heart will never seek another heart,
Or smell another flower, knowing you.
Your love has made heart’s field a desert waste;
No love other than yours grows in that place

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Such a powerful and beautiful poem that describes about Rumi’s love of the Divine. I wonder if such love exists between human beings? 🙂

Your Love

Your love lifts my soul from the body to the sky.
And you lift me up out of the two worlds.
I want your sun to reach my raindrops,
So your heat can raise
my soul upward like a cloud.

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

One of the most beautiful poems of Rumi.

The Finite Curve

You will only be hurt a finite number of times during your life. You have an infinite number of ways to deal with it.

— Iain Thomas @ I Wrote This For You

I know you’ll be fine. You will always be :). Trust me.

They’re in each other all along

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi


Without Love

Without love, all worship is a burden, all dancing is a chore, all music is mere noise. All the rain of heaven may fall into the sea. Without love, not one drop could become a pearl.

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Do You Love Me?

A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more
than you love me?

The beloved replied,
I have died to myself
and I live for you.

I’ve disappeared from myself
and my attributes.
I am present only for you.

I have forgotten all my learning,
but from knowing you
I have become a scholar.

I have lost all my strength,
but from your power
I am able.

If I love myself
I love you.
If I love you
I love myself.

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

WOW! Just wow.

Random thought of the day: I’m going to put Rumi’s poetry on my wedding invitation card — if I ever get married! Hahahaha. I told ya, it’s a random thing.


The sky was lit by the splendor of the moon
So powerful I fell to the ground 
Your love has made me sure 
I am ready to forsake this worldly life
and surrender to the magnificence of your Being

— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

So beautifully written. It makes me wonder, when will I find You? Yes, you, whose love made me sure to forsake this worldly life. And whose love made me surrender to the magnificence of your Being.

Whoever you are, don’t hide. Don’t walk away. Walk slowly so I can find your footpath. And eventually find You.