A-Rated Girl?

by Amalia

I found a blog post on The Jakarta Globe about  Jakarta’s A-Rated Girls. To be honest, I find it disturbing but I can’t deny that it is so true! It doesn’t apply to only guys in Jakarta by the way. You’ll find these kind of guys everywhere. Somehow I see them as a majority. That’s just my guess! 😀

I’m not an A-rated girl that these guys talk about, of course (I hope not!!!). Physical beauty? Are you kidding me? I’d get irritated whenever my guy friends would comment on other girls’ physical attributes. I’d get extremely annoyed and offended if they dared to comment on my clothing or how I look, worst my physical attributes. Seriously, don’t they have any other things to do besides commenting about me and looking at me?! Sorry guys, but that’s EWWWW. Don’t ever dare to say anything about it to me if you’re not my husband!!! hahaha. I’m dead serious.

So, as always, I tweeted this article and got a lot of replies. Who would expect to receive an advice from Pak Harry, a fellow blogger? This is what he had to say:

Sad thing is, many ended up not realizing that with good partner, they CAN become an A-list boy & girl. A loving couple will end up supporting each other. Enabling the other to achieve more. Heck, even just by being in love & in understanding with each other WILL make you more beautiful 🙂 They will shine more brightly than the others, smile more, and clearly truly in happiness. Nothing is more beautiful than a happy woman. Content with everything in her life. So why torture yourself looking for A-list girl/boy – when you can make it yourself ? 🙂 Look for a partner with good attitude & behaviour, be happy together – and people will be jealous with you two.


Isn’t it such a beautiful advice? 🙂 It makes me want to find that person right about NOW! hahaha.